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Hi, I am Joanna. I am currently in Poland and Polish. I used to live in France, then moved back to my country. Now, with my homeschoolled children I prepare the move to France again. I like the south, so it will probably be Montpellier or surroundings. I am the teacher of languages, educational counsellor, and I've got the center of languages and creative activities here. Hope I can do the same in France :).

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I am also looking for some families who would like to host me and my 2 sons for some time, in exchange for food and shelter - au pair style. Cause I need to see first the situation and rules in France before I would open my business or find a job. Thanks for your help, any help or info. Check soon in french too. And later on, of course I am looking for families to share the homeschooling ideas and do things together.

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Many tips I think, but for now it is still in polish. I prepare it on youtube in french and english soon.


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