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77760 Achères-la-Forêt

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Anne and Jason

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We will be homeschooling our eldest dd from the end of this academic year. We have decided to follow the UK national curriculum and will be using a distance learning school and the help of a tutor. This of course may change in the future. Our youngest dd will be going to the village school for a year to consolidate her french and then will also be homeschooled. We are planning on buying a goat and learning to make cheese, the girls are designing a kitchen garden and will be hands on in designing the interiors of our house, using scale drawings and making models etc We love history and visiting places and the girls have a keen interest in music. My background is in the theatre, so I love singing, performing, making costumes etc We have 2 cats and a dog.

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We would love to meet other home educators for play and learning opportunities, sharing ideas and just chatting!



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