Meeting up with other families safely

If you choose to add your details to Parent Concept, then please remember that anyone can view your details.  The only contact details that are essential are an email address and the city, so that other families know roughly where you are if they want to meet up.  You're also welcome to add a phone number and the street name.  If you would prefer not to include your surname or children's names or other information that identifies you more clearly, then you're welcome to not mention them and we deliberately don't ask for this information.

Similarly anyone is free to create an account and join this website.  It's therefore smart to keep the following tips in mind for meeting with other families for the first time:

  • Please respect all guidelines on social distancing, wearing masks for travel, etc.
  • If you have young children who answer the phone, encourage them to pass the phone to you or say that their parents aren't available.
  • Before you meet, you could also arrange to have a Skype video chat so that you can see each other face to face.
  • If you're meeting strangers for the first time, then always go with your children. 
  • Meet in a busy, public place (even if you're meeting at someone's house, you could arrange to meet at the nearest tram stop, or at another point that's easy to find for both parties, then go back to the house together).



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