Sounds Like Clues - Homonym Game

1 Letter Homonyms

There are lots of 1 or 2 letter combinations that sound like a word.  If you cover the 'Letter' and 'Homophone' part of the table below and just read out the 'clue', then can you think of which letter matches the clue?

There are only 26 possible combination of single letter homophones and the table below lists the ones that sound like common words.

Clue Letter Homophone
Flying insect B Bee
Lots of water C See / Sea
Yes I Eye / Aye
Noisy bird J Jay
Vegetable P Pea
Form a line Q Queue
Belonging to us R Our / Are
Drink T Tea
Not me U You
Fried food X Eggs
Question Y Why

Using these lists

If you're reading this yourself, then odds are you can simply read the list of clues on the right and enjoy trying to find the 2 letter answers!

If you're working with a group of kids, then print out either the list of easy clues or both sets and give one copy to each child.  Even though some of the clues might seem very easy, it can be more challenging than it looks!

For younger children, you can print out the easy clues and cut them out as cards and simply ask them to match up the questions and the answers.

Cryptic Crosswords

'Sounds like' indicators also crop up quite a bit in cryptic crosswords, where for example you'd have the following clue:

Row with ally, any noise? (4)

In this clue if you take "row" in a different context it means "line" (as in a row of people standing in a line).

"Ally, any" if pronounced makes "L I N E"

And "noise" indicates you should pronounce the previous words.  Indicators like hear, sounds like, speak, say, etc. often indicate that there's a homonym in the clue.

If you enjoy the game on this page, then you'll most likely enjoy cryptic crosswords too, once you get to grips with their logic.

Obviously this is just one type of cryptic crossword clue, however recognising which letters form homonyms from this list will help you recognise them if they crop up in a crossword.

2 Letter Homonyms

There are 676 (26 x 26) possible combination of 2 letter homonyms, which makes it significantly more challenging to think of an answer.  In this game we've put a table at the top with just the clues.  See how many 2 letter homonyms you can get just from the clues themselves.  The right-hand column includes clues which don't sound completly like the homophone or are less well known words.  After you've got as many as you can, then scroll down and see which ones you missed.

To make it more of a challenge, we've deliberately not put this list in alphabetical order.

Easy Clues Hard Clues
Girl's name Cheesy or run-down
Boy's name During
Marine Mammal Street
Animal with antlers Could be special
Plants with no roots Meat
Long thin fish Isle
Cord Iron
Slippery Small and round
Some Type of cabbage
Beverage (2 answers) Prophet
Document Adorable
Plant The next instruction ...
Shake on it Greetings
Prison Simple
Jealousy Secretive
Creative Clear out
Flake Colour
Friend Look
Do great! Too much!


Letters Homophone Letters Homophone
EV / KT /
Evie / Katie /
Elsie / Alice
CD Seedy
LX / ON /
Alex / Owen /
Harvy / Ewan
YL While
CL Seal LE Alley
DR Deer FX Effects
LG Algae VL Meat
EL Eel IL Isle
YR Wire IN Iron
IC Icy BD Beady
NE Any KL Kale
BR or AL Beer or Ale CR Seer
SA Essay QT Cutie
IV Ivy UL You'll
DL Deal LO Hello
JL Jail EZ Easy
NV Envy KG Cagey
RT Creative MT Empty
PL Peel TL Teal
LI Ally PR Peer
XL Excel XS Excess