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33490 Pian Sur Garonne

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Sherryl and Richard
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Hello, We are a small family with 2 Children 5 and 7. We have tried sending our children to school in the French system, but they seem to become aggressive, reclusive, dull and having serious regression. They have lost all that we have thought them over the years. At this point we feel home schooling is best as we have done this before. They both love school, but they are not challenged to their ability, we feel. Our son in particular is having a hard time as he is very advanced, but stuck at a pace that doesn't fit his character. For now we are at a research point, but prior we have used the curriculum from the states and the UK; any help would be great.

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We are looking to network with any parents home schooling their children and we would love to meet up to get the children to do activities together. Currently they are learning French, swimming, tennis, piano. They enjoy cycling and scooting. We are also teaching them to plan their own fruits and vegetable. They enjoy traveling, and are very social.

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Yes, I feel parents understand their children best and people tend to think the children will not have any friends or social skills, but I feel this is wrong, as I see many children in the same school for ages, and they lack social skills,and have not developed friendship; so those stigma should never deter a parent from giving the children home education; which in my case seems to give our children health, confidence, makes them happy, bright, enthusiastic and the list goes on....



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