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34000 Montpellier

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Martin and Allison

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0467 024879
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We're a home educating family of teenagers based in Montpellier and created Parent Concept to provide useful information to others considering or already homeschooling. Both boys have been educated at home their whole lives and are largely autonomously educated. We ensure that Saskian has lessons in maths, English and French, however Tormey's education at 16 is completely autonomous and Saskian also very much follows his own lead and choose the subjects he want to explore and we then find opportunities that support him in this. Saskian is 14 and wants to work as an actor, he’s done theatre school for 10 years and has a Youtube channel with a friend He’s also in his second year of opera. This year we’ve really embraced his goal of becoming an actor and structure his classes around this (e.g. in his last lesson his English teacher gave him a monologue set in World War One, discussed any words he didn’t know and gave him research that will help him understand the conditions the characters in the monologue were in so that he could better understand how they would feel, etc.) He learns with us, with teachers, by himself and on the internet (e.g. Duolingo and Khan Academy). Tormey is 16 and when we was younger wanted to be a writer. He’s already written his first novel (though it’s not been published yet) and at 14 years old started a degree in English Literature with the Open University in the UK and successfully passed the first 6 months. He then joined Junior Opera with the Opera Orchestra of Montpellier and has now dedicated himself to becoming an opera singer. He’s in his third year with Junior Opera, goes to the Conservatoire of Music in Avignon twice a week, sings with the Choeur Symphonique de Montpellier and is currently writing the script for an opera about Mozart’s life that he will be performing with his own troupe, Opera La Tempo. You can see more about Tormey on his website The Junior Opera in Montpellier is a big part of both of their lives and we're delighted and amazed with the amount of support they get from this. Tormey has sung with Sir Simon Rattle in Ax en Provence and at Nimes Arena with Ennio Morricone. The level of training and support and the opportunities this presents is incredible!

Who are you looking to network with, what activities do you do, etc.: 

The boys both have several friends who live a fair distance away who they chat to mostly be Skype or Facebook and other friends locally who go to school. We enjoy opera, art and ultimate frisbee.

Any tips for other home educators?: 

Follow your instincts and your children's instincts. You know your own family better than anyone. If you're in Herault or Montpellier, we highly recommend joining - it's a very active homeschooling group.


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